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6 Reasons Why You Need Dynamics 365 Implementation Services

Sat, Feb 29, 2020

You may find yourself among the 81% of organisations in the process of implementing ERP software.

The bad news is that 80% of companies fail to deliver expected results from recent business change initiatives.

You probably have a good idea of the advantages that Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers for the digital transformation of your business. However, have you asked yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know how to explore the system in all its capability?
  • How can you ensure that you are implementing Dynamics 365 the right way and that you are using it as efficiently as possible?

That's where a Consulting Services provider can come to the rescue! You’ll get insights and hands-on experience for teaching your business how to optimise processes and use all the functionality that your Dynamics 365 ERP can offer.

6 Reasons for Hiring a Dynamics 365 Implementation Services Provider

1. Optimise Dynamics 365 Capabilities to Suit your Business

One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the availability of modules divided by specialty areas common to any business.

An implementation company can correctly point out the capabilities required to improve your business. Without this input, you run the risk of acquiring a solution that will not be effectively used once the system has been implemented.

Dynamics 365 implementation consultants will make a complete analysis of the practical needs of your business and guide you throughout this decision.

2. Get Specific Insights for Your Business

Having a team of consulting experts in technology is essential for any ERP implementation. However, the key is hiring consultants that can master your industry and business processes.

Knowing what the software can do well is a must to understand how it adheres to the company's procedures but it’s not enough to bring the most valued results.

As much as you know your market, keep in mind that a business consultant carries the experience of working for several companies, and this diverse experience builds up know-how that is difficult to achieve internally in your own business.

The learning that a consultant accumulates throughout their career allows for a more strategic and focused vision, which gives more agility to the process of providing Dynamics 365 solutions and how a company can leverage them to meet the needs of their business.

3. Have a Business Strategy and Technical Support at the Same Time

The consulting firm should take responsibility for both your Dynamics 365 implementation strategy and business operations.

In practice, the consultant should take over the strategic planning of the project and at the same time, provide the technical support ahead of the execution. Cooperation between the two is essential if your IT department is to operate at 100% capacity.

There’s a big difference between understanding technology and making technology work for others. It takes a real expert to analyse the unique business needs of a customer, and offer a solution. The consultants will facilitate to make the strategy and technical aspects clearer for the client.

4. Train Your Team with the Best Resources

Much of the success of an ERP project depends on how users adopt the system.

Specialised implementation providers will provide specific training for your team members to ensure the system is being used effectively and efficiently. During the training process, they will observe user behaviour and help change them to manage the system more effectively.

5. Get Dedicated Focus on the Project Dynamics 365

Consultants are problem solvers. They can offer a fresh point of view, along with the experience and communication skills to improve processes and help you change your business as needed.

The client often benefits from this mindset simply because people need to focus on their day to day tasks to handle their work efficiently, which is why they don’t have the time to step back to analyse the bigger picture.

A team of external consultants is focused on getting client results. They will work towards specific goals and objectives and have no other responsibilities than those defined in the contract, including optimising efforts, directing attention and leveraging results!

6. Have an End-to-End Project Delivery Framework

When we rely on internal resources to drive improvements, daily activities end up consuming a large portion of the time needed to analyse the business, meaning that the deadlines can be extended indefinitely.

An Implementation Services provider will have an end-to-end action plan allowing you to know the exact timeline for reaching your goals.

Why Flintfox?

We can help you! As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Inner Circle Member and one of only 10 software developers managed globally we provide consulting and implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics applications.

In the past 30 years, we have delivered solutions to over 23,000 users across the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail industries.

Contact Flintfox today and find out how our world class consulting and implementation services can help you transform your business into a digital enterprise.

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