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Latest Flintfox Software Ahead of the Game; Verified By Microsoft As Compatible With New Dynamics 365 Release

Nov 8, 2018 1:51:51 PM


November 8, 2018 – Flintfox, the global leader in delivering Trade Revenue Management (TRM) solutions across the supply chain, is excited to announce that the latest release of its TRM software is fully supported and compatible with the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations version 8.1.

Flintfox is one of the first Microsoft Global ISV Partners to offer a 100% extension based software solution that has already had approval from Microsoft as a compatible solution for Dynamics 365 version 8.1.

Historically, the ability to customise Dynamics 365 has been supported through overlayering of the application code. The move to the cloud, together with more agile servicing and frequent updates, requires a less intrusive customisation model so that updates are less likely to affect partner solutions. This new model has replaced performing customisations through overlayering and is called extensibility.

Flintfox’s fully extension based solution means that customers can now benefit by being able to quickly take advantage of new innovations from Microsoft and Flintfox with reduced costs of upgrades and total cost of ownership, as well as improved quality and speed of deployments.

We’re really excited that Flintfox is one of the first Microsoft partners to offer a 100% extension based solution compatible with Dynamic 365, version 8.1. This follows a massive project involving our R&D team working alongside the Microsoft Product Development Team over the last 2 years, and we’re delighted that Microsoft has verified the results of all the hard work,” says James Lett, Chief Technology Officer at Flintfox.

The result is a better overall user experience for our customers who can now take advantage of the latest and greatest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 without having to perform complex ISV and customisation upgrades. The benefits of reducing upgrade friction and enabling innovation uptake for our customers has been well worth the extensive effort,” he adds.

Existing Flintfox partners and clients with any questions can contact our Support Services Team here.

Those interested in getting started with Flintfox solutions for Dynamics 365 can contact our Sales Team here.

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