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Power Up Your Rebate Programs Across the Supply Chain [Infographic]

Wed, Mar 13, 2019

We break down a typical supply chain from manufacturing through to the consumer to understand how trade revenue and incentives flow.

This diagram identifies both incoming and outgoing transactions at each link in the supply chain. Tracking and accounting for these transactions should be automated, software driven and systematised. Leading to;

  • Less time spent administering rebate programs
  • Faster payment of supplier rebates leading to better cash flow
  • Accurately knowing how much you owe or are owed in rebates at any time
  • Remove manual tasks like reconciling deducted invoices
  • Eliminate spreadsheets to track and accrue rebate amounts

Supply chain rebate management infographic

Does your rebate based incentive program look like this? If not, then download our rebate management checklist to maximise your rebate earnings.

ultimate rebate management checklist

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