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7 Reasons Dynamics 365 for Operations Apps Are Better Than Customizations

Fri, May 19, 2017

The latest Gartner 2017 Market Guide for Trade Promotion Management and Optimization highlights that the benefits from being able to upgrade easily for new functionality far outweigh the perceived benefits of customization.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and AppSource, you get both. However rather than traditional code-based customizations, Dynamics 365 for Operations Apps extend functionality while keeping the upgrade process easy.  

So why are Apps better than customizations? We have 7 reasons why:

1.  Access to Microsoft AppSource

With AppSource you’re able to add specific functionality, which you can try before you buy, that extends Dynamics 365 for Operations to meet your needs. AppSource helps your business to prepare for future growth with a shopping mall of Apps.

2.  There’s an App for that

As a user, you can leverage the Apps available to meet your unique business processes. The days of purchasing the whole ERP with functionality you don’t need, or have to modify, are over. Managing rebates accurately becoming an issue? There’s an App for that.

3.  Additional functionality is easier to deploy

There will be no need for months of development and testing, plug in new Apps with the functionality you want and get started a lot faster. Less time to deployment also means you can start small and pay for only what you need.

4.  Accelerate your digital transformation

With more freedom to choose functionality and implement it quickly, your business can encourage innovation, increase collaboration and gain a competitive advantage. The limitations of your ERP are no longer an obstacle for business success.  

5.  Your business becomes more agile

Dissolve the barriers between critical business platforms and make all your data start working together.

With a common data model, data management is simplified with a clear path between apps and business processes. You will have a consistent business platform to add or extend apps when your business requires it.

6.  Boost your productivity

Apps for Dynamics 365 for Operations help to make your employees more productive. They have the access to insights they need to make informed decisions.

By combining your ERP with Apps that fit your business processes, you have a people-centric platform that makes life easier for your employees.  

7.  Easier access on the go

How easy is it now to access your banking on your phone through the bank’s App? Too easy.

With Dynamics 365 for Operations on your phone, any additional Apps are right there ready to go whenever or wherever you are. There is no need to spend the time or the money customizing your ERP to be compatible with any type of phone. 

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