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How to Supercharge Your Promotional Pricing in Dynamics 365

Tue, Sep 26, 2017

Many companies use Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software to inject speed and accuracy into their sales engine. While they’re useful to transition pricing from spreadsheets into something more manageable, they often can’t handle complex pricing calculations fast. Price management software that interfaces with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers speed and accuracy for your pricing.

So how does price management software help you supercharge your pricing in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations?

Takes the pressure off your Sales team

The right price management software can make it much easier for your sales team to look up product prices, available discounts, and up-sell opportunities. Price management software helps your Sales team access accurate, real-time pricing during sales negotiations without fear of inaccuracies or a negative impact on margins.

Stops your Sales team wasting time constructing the right quote

Time is a huge factor in every sale. And your Sales team will waste it if they have to seek approval to close a deal with a customer. With price management software, preapproved discounts, rebates, and free goods are instantly available to the Sales team to select as they’re negotiating with the customer.

Helps you handle complexity easily

Accurate quotes are a challenge when the product pricing and other data is out of date. Price management software with an in-memory pricing engine is able to update pricing as it happens, applying discounts almost instantly as the right combinations of products are selected. While CPQ software can quickly become outdated as your business grows and you require more complex agreements to stay competitive.  

Handles growth in the amount of products you sell

Similar to the point above, when the amount of products you sell grows with your business, many CPQ software solutions are not able to cope. While this is great for the health of your company, it makes life difficult for your sales team who have to remember prices and details for a bigger range of products. Price management software attributes the right price to a new customer that’s added, when a new product is added or when new terms are agreed to.

What you get is a scalable, efficient, accurate, and single source of pricing and price management for your business. Flintfox for the past 10 years have evolved their pricing engine and Revenue Management functionality for Dynamics 365, now with millisecond response times to complex price requests. And if you’re not on Dynamics we can now supercharge your pricing for whatever ERP you are using and even if you don’t have an ERP.

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